Echo R&P™

Recorder & Playback covering
GPS & all other GNSS

L1 - L2 - L5 - L6 - S-Band

GPS | Galileo | GLONASS | QZSS | IRNSS NavIC  | S-Band | BeiDou | SBAS 

They trust Syntony GNSS

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Why Choose Us?

The Highest-Fidelity
  • 4, 8 or 16-bit I&Q
  • 50Mhz, 100 MHz or 200 MHz Sampling Rate
  • 1.6 GB/s constant write speed
  • 3 RF Channels 
  • Ability to record 3 channels at 16-bit IQ and 200 MHz sampling rate simultaneously

Simple data management
  • Up to 128 TB Internal Storage
  • Convenient swappable design for SSDs
  • Quick data dump on local or network storage 
  • No limit on recording time and playback
Easy to setup & use

  • Signal spectrum & GPS L1 PRN analysis software included
  • Simple local or remote control
  • Quick setup, including for multi-antenna or multi-receiver
  • Extensive documentation, examples available & local support
Built to evolve
with your needs
  • Remote software updates available

  • Do you need a custom feature? We are flexible & can tailor it for you

Want to know more? Contact us!

 2 independent units: 1 to record & 1 for playback

Keep a unit on the field and the another one in your lab
The SSDs are extractable and can be swapped within seconds



Echo R™ is the highest fidelity GPS/GNSS recorder in the world.

It captures the entire GNSS band, perfectly.

Able to record:
- up to 16-bit I&Q
- at up to 200 MHz sampling rate
- on 3 RF channels simultaneously,
it captures even the smallest imperfections of real life.

Echo R™ is used by major aircraft manufacturers for flight tests, but also for recording from cars, trains, boats.
Its performance allows researchers on scintillation, multipath and agriculture to collect data they can trust.

The recorded IQ samples can be processed manually or replayed by Echo P™.

Highest-fidelity field recording 
Record simulated signals from in the lab 



Echo P™ is the highest fidelity GPS/GNSS Playback system in the world.

It captures the entire GNSS band, perfectly.

Able to replay:
- up to 16-bit I&Q
- at up to 200 MHz sampling rate
- on 3 RF channels simultaneously,
it replays even the smallest imperfections of real life.

Echo P™ can replay Echo R™ recording perfectly but can also be used independently.

It can be used as a simple multi-constellation, multi-frequency test system in production.

The finest GNSS playback system in the world
For R&D and Production

Choose the best recorder & playback solution for GNSS signals

Echo R&P

Whether developing new components, improving algorithms or working on the integration of an entire receiver system, Echo™ GNSS Recorder is the perfect fit for your testbed environment.

Echo™ singularity lies in the alliance of SDR (Software Defined Radio) and a state of the art RF Analog front-end.

Top-end processing performance and superior RF quality are now met into a COTS appliance with utmost flexibility in recording control.


Testing your equipment with Recorded or Simulated signals?

Testing GNSS equipment can be achieved using recorded or simulated GNSS signals, but what are the benefits and limitations of each? What solution would better fit your needs? Learn more about Recorded vs Simulated GNSS signal testing in this series of articles.

GPS, and all GNSS Recorder and Playback Solution

Echo R&P™ Datasheet

All the details about our recorder and player are a click away. 

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Echo R&P™ | All GNSS Recorder & Playback Solution


Space & Defense
Launchers, satellite constellation tests

Testing aircrafts, drones  and helicopter avionics

Testing autonomous car navigation systems
Telecommunication / 5G

Cell tower
GNSS receiver test 

Need it to be smaller?

Handheld GNSS Recorder

High-fidelity in the smallest package

Syntony's handheld recorder has been created help engineers collect data from small devices such as drones. 

It allows high-fidelity recordings in an embeddable package. 

  • 2-bit I&Q
  • 25 MHz Sampling Rate
  • 2 RF channels
  • Up to 16 hours of recording internally
  • <200 grams
  • Great shock and vibration resistance

SDR equipment customized to your needs

Need for custom test equipment?

Work our custom product team and leverage our software-defined radio technology to meet your goals.
- new GNSS signals
- new constellations
- tailored specific features
- exceptional requirements

Our company started by creating the very first Galileo simulator, our customization department focusses on special requests from Space Agencies and private companies.

GPS and all GNSS Simulator

Want to test your receiver without leaving your lab?

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