GPS coverage extension for underground operations 

Mining operations have always presented unique positioning and navigation challenges underground. Syntony's technology SubWAVE™ leverages the existing mining infrastructure, expending GPS coverage underground for reliable asset geolocation, from workforce to machinery.

SubWAVE™ offers:

Seamless transitions inside/outside 
The GPS signal already used outdoor is now present indoor thanks to the
SubWAVE™ technology. This makes seamless tracking and navigation between indoor/outdoor of the mine
now possible, using any simple GPS receiver and with no lag, and no reset.

    where the mine needs either broad or very narrow accuracy, Syntony SubWAVE™ is the solution, with as precise as centimeters-level when required.

Full coverage without blind zone
    the indoor GPS signal being provided does not suffer any topography constraint, during its installation nor daily usage, which makes the geolocation being obtained in the entire galleries which have been equipped.

Compatibility with existing antennas & no maintenance
    the cables already within the mine (leaky feeder, coax cable, optical fiber) are all compatible with the 
SubWAVE™ technology and without interference with your existing telecommunications.

Moreover, no maintenance has to be performed once the Syntony technology is installed, thanks to constant monitoring and assistance being performed by our teams.

Same GPS receiver
SubWAVE™ technology allows the reuse of any GPS receiver already available on your site or on the market. No need to reinstall any new kind of receiver.

They trust Syntony GNSS

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Examples of Use Cases

Mining Automation

  • Tele-Remote operations through GPS signal 
  • Real-time, no delay
  • Very accurate precision being available
  • Compatible with existing communication cables, GPS receivers & existing automation softwares

Haulage tracking
  • Seamless tracking indoor/outdoor of any machine equipped with a simple GPS receiver
  • Real-time, no delay
  • No blind spot into equipped galleries

  • Easy link with any supervision software
Ventilation on-demand
  • Simple remote control 
  • Very accurate & no failure
  • Easy link with any supervision software 
Workforce tracking
  • No blind spot & compatible with any simple GPS receiver

  • Real-time, no delay 
  • Easy link with any software for workforce management

Choose the best technology for Underground Geolocation


GPS coverage compounded with the same frequency and number of signals than in the outdoor, thanks to synchronisation with the outside.

SubWAVE™ technology provides a state-of-the-art software and hardware, including installation, monitoring & tech support, for whole peace of mind.

Top-end accuracy for embracing all your possible use cases
(possibility to adapt to your specifications).

Sized for your current need, evolving with them

Start with a minimum viable configuration tackling the most challenging scenarios and ready for additional remote software updates!



Syntony offers two models based on your accuracy needs:
SubWAVE™ (meter-level accuracy using classic GPS receiver)
SubWAVE™ Continous ™ (centimeter-level accuracy using proprietary GPS receiver).

SubWAVE™ Continous & SubWAVE™ :
  devices running on the same hardware, for perfect capacity of system upgrade when required

   hardware equipped with proprietary software for geolocation capacities, signal monitoring and accuracy performance.
nota bene: optional remote supervision from the Syntony teams can be performed for immediate mitigation of any material inconsistency.

SubWAVE™ line products, engineered for top-level geolocation and from experts of the sector.


Learn about
our GPS Coverage Extension for Undergrounds

SubWAVE™ Datasheet

All details about our GPS Coverage Extension are a click away:

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Setup for full coverage
with zero effective latency

SubWAVE allows complete geolocation in compatibility with the existing cable infrastructure, without interference with your telecommunications.

It allows safe and controlled geolocation (both tracking & navigation) in total link with your management & information software, whatever it is.

Line shifters, GPS repeaters, antennas etc. are also material that we can provide and install in order to cover 100% of your galleries.
Tell us your need and we will propose you an entire configuration.


Performance | Simplicity | Fidelity | Modularity

The flagship GPS Coverage Extension: Technical Benchmark

SubWAVEallows the mining sector to get an advanced technology covering all geolocation needs. For illustrating this, a glimpse of its technical benchmark can be hereby obtained :

SubWAVE™ | GPS Coverage Extension for Undergrounds

Applications already in use from our clients:

Navigation & tracking within existing metros around the world
Road tunnels

Navigation for road transport infrastructure
Railway tunnels & stations

Navigation for train transport infrastructure

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Syntony GNSS: 20 years of history

- From creating the first Galileo simulator
- To becoming the reference in underground GPS signals

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